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Hardings Way in King's Lynn – start lobbying or live with consequences, Lynn News letters

By Lynn News Reporter

Firstly from April, after we discovered that work was scheduled to begin only three days after a consultation about it had closed, then again in July.

Under the new unloved Cabinet system at Norfolk County Council just one person, Martin Wilby, responsible for transport and infrastructure, finally cleared it in July.

In doing this he flew in the face of what people in Lynn want, as evidenced by the 1,400, mostly local people, who have signed a petition opposing it.

Hardings Way, King's Lynn (16385968)
Hardings Way, King's Lynn (16385968)

Given the accepted three months between clearing it and work on site, this means that work could be startedin early October.

This would involve HGVs coming on Hardings Way to construct three roads off it for possible future housing, although no specific housing plans currently exist. As some of this land lies ten feet below the level of Hardings Way, and has been severely flooded several times in the past, it is a scandal that no flood assessment risk has yet been carried out. This needs to be done before any further thought to building access roads should be given.

After this road building work was completed wewould still get HGVs coming onto the road, now able to access Overton’s works from Hardings Way. Combined with the bus gates moving 15 metres northwards,25 per cent of Hardings Way would now be open to all traffic.

Although NCC carry out roadworks, it is only at the request of West Norfolk Council, and there is still time for them to change their minds about this as at forthcoming council meetings as there is likely to be a motion to this effect. Why not email council leader Brian Long (cllr.brian.long@west-norfolk.gov.uk) and register your concerns?

It is clear that North West Norfolk MP Sir Henry Bellingham is quite sympathetic to the campaign over Hardings Way. It is particularly disappointing therefore to hear from a local Independent councillor who recently had a meeting with him, that hardly anyone has contacted him about the Hardings Way proposals. This needs to change. Henry Bellinghamcan be contacted at bellingham@parliament.uk

We are now in the lastchance saloon for preserving Hardings Way as it currently is. Start lobbying now, or forever live to regret it!

Kevin Waddington


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