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Letter Lee Madgwick August 18, 2017

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Whilst it’s good to see the likes of H&M joining the Vancouver Quarter, the brand new building which it’ll occupy is very disappointing.

Not necessarily the design (although it could’ve been better) but its positioning and shape. It will almost completely obscure the old Post Office from New Conduit Street, an important building that should continue to stand proudly and one that’d be an ideal retail/living premises in its own right. Not only that but what a missed opportunity not to open up Paradise Parade and turn it back into an active street scene. I understand delivery vehicles are currently needed here but there is real potential in this area to revitalise this otherwise redundant, ugly spot. Lynn Museum could one day have been a centrepiece surrounded by an active pedestrianised retail/office/living hub by reopening the old street layout of yesteryear. In the meantime the other historic gem that’s the old Post Office sits in what is for the time being at least a dominant location only to be arrogantly snubbed and partially obscured from view by the arrival of a large mediocre-looking white and glass box. Clearly we’ve not learnt anything from the 1960s and 1970s. And that’s a real shame.

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