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Enforce the Highway Code in Downham Market, Lynn News letters

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I am a resident of Downham who has also witnessed the dangerous and inappropriate use of motor scooters by some young men recently.

In addition to their behaviour, which is anti social, the vehicles themselves are noisy and appear to be either badly maintained or altered deliberately to be noisy.

The kind of behaviour that we have witnessed is overtaking other vehicles in a reckless manner, such as moving into the path of oncoming traffic, ignoring give way signs, weaving and travelling in groups while jostling with each other.

Police (20395939)
Police (20395939)

They also use hooters in an aggressive way, instead of with the intention of as a warning to other road users.

Indications of intention to manoeuvre are also scant.

I have developed the impression that they are new to using the road as riders of motorcycles and their behaviour bears a striking resemblance to the reckless use of pedal cycles in the town. There is a number of young cyclists who seem to think that the Highway Code as applied to cyclists does not include them.

They behave like pedestrians in that they often ignore the one-way system, do wheelies in amongst the traffic and ride on pavements. When challenged, the younger riders may claim to feel unsafe on the road, in danger from cars. However, there are a number of mature adult riders who also ignore the one-way system and ride on the pavements.

It does seem to be time that the Highway Code as applied to cyclists as road users should be made clear to these people, and for the police to be involved in the enforcement of proper behaviour in the same way that car drivers are disciplined for using their mobile phones illegally.

It is only a matter of time, if the situation persists, before an innocent member of the public is injured or even killed. The sad thing is that if a member of the public is struck by a car as a result of this sort of behaviour it will be the car driver who is likely to be attributed blame.

Schools could help address the matter by undertaking some education about the responsibilities of being a road user and guiding students towards the information in the Highway Code.

Lesley Arnold


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