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Fire and public service, Lynn News Letters

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I believe it is fair to say that firemen and women score highly along with all those medics and police officers in the public’s estimation. I include all NHS ancillaries here.

I then recalled that gruelling inquisition of fire officers during the Grenfell inquiry. Yes, they probably made some errors of judgement, in that situation who could think straight?

Fire Service. (2813200)
Fire Service. (2813200)

Time to consider the local authority, Tory, Kensington and Chelsea, which we’re told has millions of pounds banked. And then, of course, there is that inflammable cladding and poor planning regulations.

When will we get the chance to put the politicians under the spotlight and witness their well-practiced art of obfuscation assisted by hot-shot legal eagles?

Yes, I have omitted teachers from the above list of public servants. I was one and so am well aware of just how useless they are, we have been told so by various governments for quite some time and by some Viewpoint ranters.

We have endured three decades of “neo-liberal” economics and have a government which insists on ever more deregulation. Public service? It is obvious ain’t it – privatise everything and all will be well.

Malcolm Cox

Terrington St Clement

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