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Brexit – how can 'yes' mean 'no'? Lynn News letters

By Lynn News Reporter

This country has changed almost beyond recognition in the last forty odd years, not just politically, socially too. It really makes you wonder if we are all singing from the same hymn sheet.

We had a referendum with two very simple questions on the ballot paper, either leave or remain, the result was quite close, but "leave" was the majority vote.

For whatever reason beyond many voters' comprehension it wasn't good enough and in a very undemocratic way there have been many attempts in the last three years to derail the result, in any possible way that it might make the remainers look as if they are doing a justified and democratic job to save the nation from the "dire" consequences of leaving the EU.

Brexit (12582475)
Brexit (12582475)

In fact "leavers" have been accused of being inept for not understanding what "leave" meant, which brings me back to my question – when did the word "yes" evolve to "no"?

The whole of the political system has sunk to an all-time low if not rock bottom and lost most of the goodwill from many devoted party members on either side.

Maybe it is time to discard career politicians and go back to politicians with "back bone" who truly believe in this country and the workers who support it. Pyramids and beehives can only survive with a good base or a net of good and dedicated hard workers.

Maria Rix


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