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Letter: Michael Brindle, July 18, 2017

Festival Too crowds 2017 MLNF17JS07496
Festival Too crowds 2017 MLNF17JS07496

The afternoon concert in Tuesday Market Place on Sunday, July 9, was amplified to a level that represented a hazard to the hearing of those who attended and a serious noise nuisance to those who live nearby.

Many of attendees will have left with temporary hearing loss from which they may recover quite quickly but each such episode will leave slight but permanent damage and repeated incidents will cause a cumulative effect. This is the reason that noise in the workplace is subject to strict control. One need only talk to those who now need a hearing aid or to the family of anyone who has developed deafness to understand it is a serious disability.

To those of us that live near the market place the volume of amplified sound forced us inside, with doors and windows shut, on a hot and humid day. We regularly suffer from excessive amplification of noise whenever there is a public event in the square, not just during Festival Too concerts.

Council officers should impose a reasonable limit on the sound levels permitted during these events and monitor compliance to keep the audience safe and yet to protect neighbours from excessive and intrusive noise.

Meantime, those living nearby who object to noise nuisance should not hesitate to make their views known to the organisers, to the Community Safety and Neighbourhood Nuisance office (01553 616200), to their local borough councillor and, if all else fails, by asking the police to intervene.

Organisers and local residents should be considerate neighbours.

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