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Letter: Mike Larcey, August 10, 2018

By Lynn News Reporter

Who supports Johnson?

It is being reported Boris Johnson is collaborating with Steve Bannon, former campaign organiser for President Trump, with a view either to unseat Mrs May or to dash all plans for a ‘soft Brexit’ – the latter being of great benefit to Trump and his financiers. The strong suspicion is that he is aiming for both.

Boris Johnson. Picture: Gary Browne FM4251665 (3542254)
Boris Johnson. Picture: Gary Browne FM4251665 (3542254)

Johnson will open the gates to flood us with lower quality food from the USA and the plundering of UK industry and trade by US global corporations.
Mr Bannon was on LBC, using foul-mouthed language towards interviewers including Nigel Farage, supporting Tommy Robinson, former leader of the far right wing group the English Defence League, calling him ‘the backbone of England’.

So, where does this place Johnson? Firstly, as an unscrupulous and unprincipled politician who will do anything to obtain power? Secondly, a bed-fellow of the fascists? Incidentally Bannon is reported to be in talks with Mr Rees-Mogg, another Brexiteer. It does seem as though the whole Leave campaign has been driven by base elements in our society, self-promoting, unscrupulous and unprincipled, fooling the small majority that they actually cared about their welfare. What we have to do as voters is ask our MPs do they support Johnson and Rees-Mogg. It would be interesting to hear what fudge Ms Truss would put out considering the awful misrepresentation of the so-called pay rise for public servants.
She was on BBC News smiling like little Jack Horner who pulled out a plum but she only told half the story, missing the important part out. Yes, there would be a pay-rise but below inflation and not making up for the cuts in wages over the past eight years, and, crucially, the rises would not be funded by the Treasury. So where would this money come from? From cuts in the very services they work in, leading to reduced staffing, reduced services and outsourcing/privatisation. Happy? Ms Truss should be ashamed of her deception. I would not be surprised if she decides to support Johnson now Mrs May’s position gets weaker day by day.

Mike Larcey

Downham Market

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