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Climate change – we need to take industries into public ownership, Lynn News letters

For example, the rising temperature of the seas around the UK and fish, once native to our seas, moving further north for cooler waters. Unfortunately, there are a few who, for the sake of increasing their wealth, deny that this is happening and use their power and influence to prevent any attempts to deal with climate change.

Oxfam has identified that from ten short years climate-based disasters have increased fourfold. President Donald Trump is an outstanding example of this utter foolishness as was shown by his withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

For the UK, we have varying degrees of similarity to Trump, namely the Johnson-Farage union, and others in the right-wing parties. The truth of the matter is that to gain control of what is happening with regards to our climate we need to take major industries into public ownership.

Climate change protesters
Climate change protesters

Properly set up public ownership will be accountable for actions related to rights of workers, rights of customers and the rights of nature, climate and environment.

At the moment our climate is at the mercy of unaccountable global corporations. For over 200 years, private corporations have built up their wealth by using carbon, exploiting people and nature. If we relied on thesebusinesses ‘to green the economy’, they would only do what made them more wealth and it would be at the expense of workers and nature.

A recent House of Commons report stated that the green economy had collapsed and the reason is that capitalists have ignored the warnings of dramatic climate change and have failed to invest. The off-shore wind farms that provide the UK with energy were built by companies in Europe owned by EU countries and we are sold it by companies owned or partially owned by foreign countries. Therefore, the UK needs to take into public ownership all energy producing industries, all public transport, and all major construction businesses, this latter in order for councils to provide more social housing. These industries which have a direct effect on our climate will become more transparent in their decisions with regard to the climate.

Mike Larcey


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