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Boris Johnson has given no funding explanation for hospitals plans, Lynn News letters

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I did expect his nose to grow longer with these announcements.

We all know that he will say anything to sell himself. We also know his adviser, Cummings, will feed him any tactic for that purpose.

What was noticeable, as one commentator pointed out, these ‘promises’ were not accompanied by any explanation how the extra funding would be raised. The money is to come from the Treasury, that is from us tax payers.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow (18219914)
Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow (18219914)

Note there is no mention of getting money from the wealthy tax dodgers! If these ‘promises’ do come true, it will be to make the hospitals up to date ripe for Americans to take over at a cheap price. Am I being cynical? Johnson has a history of supplying misinformation.

He has limited scruples. His current tactic over Brexit is to use language that may invite riots by the right wing.

Whereas Mr Corbyn has explained how a Labour led parliament will fund the economic and social reforms the UK badly needs. On a separate issue, our MP, Ms Truss, champion of fox hunting, was an ardent Remain supporter but now she is an ardent Brexit, deal or no deal on 31st October, supporter. It suggests her commitment is more to her political career than her constituents. Mr Corbyn opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan much to the annoyance of Mr Blair, his party’s leader. He has risked false accusations of anti-Semitism through his support of Palestinians who are threatened with displacement by Netanyahu. This has shown integrity on his part. Both Johnson and Truss could learn a lot from him. Some hope!

Mike Larcey


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