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Letter: Nick Vinehill, August 1, 2017


In the short time since Article 50 was triggered it’s obvious the pitfalls and complexities of Brexit are becoming clearer and that many of your more robust Brexiteer correspondents are becoming increasingly agitated to find positive advantages for leaving.

Every letter they appear to write seems to be just a rant along the lines of attacking Remoaners for not respecting an alleged non-binding binary referendum over membership of the EU. In so doing they are unwittingly revealing that their main reason for voting out was mainly motivated by psychological chauvinistic feel good sentiment with little to do with facts. In their shortsighted view and disregarding the reason the UK went into the Common Market in the first place their country is far superior to other member countries and it can go it alone and everything will be hunky dory whatever the cost once we are out and looking after our own!

One doesn’t necessarily have to be an avid pro EU fan to realise the problems confronting the UK today have little to do with actual EU membership and is more to do with the failure of the free marketsystem and neoliberalism which are particularly evident in the UK and why the current Tory government are really split in addition to managing the Brexit debacle.

Indeed the calling of the referendum had nothing to do with staging a democratic rational debate and vote on EU membership but more to do with covering up Tory divisions and using the EU as a political football which the British establishment have been doing for years when it suited it.

Brexit won’t happen because however much it’s all dressed up it will always be the forces of monetarism and markets that determine the policies of any national capitalist government regardless of elections or referendum results.

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