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Brexit, any action needs a plan, Lynn News letters

There were two clear choices written on the 2016 EU referendum ballot paper: Leave the EU or remain in the EU without any caveats. I’ll therefore put it to him, if it was that simple why hasn’t Brexithappened and what’s the problem?

Anyone could have voted leave without thinking about it especially in a simple binary choice ‘advisory’ referendum where there was no leave plan or manifesto?

The remain plan was simply 45 years of relatively stable membership of the EU where the UK public generally tolerated its Westminster sovereign elected parliament to deal with any problems that arose, which by and large it did.

Brexit (15792480)
Brexit (15792480)

Many leave voters say they never voted for any sort of deal. They just voted out.

However deal or no deal, any sort of action oralternative course of action needs some sort of alternative plan.

Quite simply there was no leave plan or manifesto at the referendum and there isn’t now in 2019 so what really did the likes of Mr Mackinder vote on if it wasn’t for just half-baked emotional or patriotic reasons when not even Leave UK knew what the plan was for leaving (and still don’t)? The Tories under Cameron granted that referendum to conceal internal Tory party divisions and its government’sfailed austerity policies and to divide the Labour Party and indeed the UK even more than they were.

Hence the Tories had no intention of debating or negotiating any plan to leave before the referendum vote or the triggering of Article 50 and were quite prepared to decree the result as binding because it knew such a simple binary leave or remain choice would play into the hands of obvious Eurosceptic voters like Steve Mackinder.

Lastly for someone who is usually attacking or deriding“the anti democratic left”in some shape or form throughout his many letters published in the Lynn News the fact Mr Mackinder doesn’t even question or acknowledge this obvious underlyingpolitical motive of why Cameron granted the referendum and only selectively preaches democracy in this instance because the actual leave victory suited him emphasizes how his own democratic credentials leave a lot to be desired.

Nick Vinehill


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