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Tory critics of PM Teresa May now have a real problem, Lynn News letters

That's because they have spent the last three years constantly scapegoating her alleged weak leadership for failing to deliver Brexit.

Which of them can do a better job yet alone how?

The only reason Mrs May has managed to hang on so long is because none of her Tory critics really wanted the job and being in a split and divided Tory Party, particularly over Europe, they were quite prepared to let one individual carry the can.

Brexit (11781295)
Brexit (11781295)

However after the latest Brexit negotiation fiasco and the inevitable extension that's upset many gung ho emotionally charged Leave voters who felt 'betrayed' and haemorrhaging in droves to sudden populist manifesto bereft creations such as the Brexit Party the Tories were down to their last gasp ticket and that was to blame her leadership for everything making her resignation inevitable.

Yet in the real world it's not about leaders. It's the sheer lunacy and fallacy of Brexit itself that needed to resign not any person.and that won't change whether the new Prime Minister is a Remainer or Brexiteer.

Nick Vinehill


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