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General Election TV debate is just gimmickry, Lynn News letters

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Since it occurred, the bulk of the UK media have predictably been trotting out the question "who won it" as if was some kind of 'X factor or 'Strictly' online vote.

However in the real world TV debates on politics in that format are neither winnable or losable but just plain gesture and gimmickry designed to convey to voters that the contenders for power to manage the UK's fraught capitalist system are just celebrities!

If there has to be such pre-election head to head TV pre election encounters between party leaders, surely its far more realistic for them to act as both interviewers and interviewees where they each pose their own questions unbeknown to the other and out of spontaneity give their immediate answers to ensure they're on top of their case?

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn

After all it's obvious journalism and politics are virtually apposite forces. Johnson is a journalist and it's not unusual these days for the likes of Ian Duncan Smith, Ed Miliband and even Lord Michael Howard to present BBC flagship programmes like the Jeremy Vine Show where they interview other politicians.

Surely this would be far more preferable than this normal format where all the questions are known before from an invited audience with a moderating presenter who at least couldn't be accused of being biased in any direction if this process was adopted?

Nick Vinehill


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