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It's Brexit which is already dead in a ditch, Lynn News letters

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This is because he has declared himself beforehand he’d rather be dead in a ditch if that happens.

However what’s actually dead in a ditch is Brexit itself and the UK political establishment, after three years of failed negotiations to leave where there was no proper Leave plan or manifesto worked out prior to the referendum, are not prepared to admit it because it knows that the unnecessary 2016 EU referendum was solely granted to deliberately divide UK society, especially the working classes more than it was already, along race and nationalist lines and had little to do with voting on the pros and cons of EU membership.

That’s the real issue and such frequent language we hear such as “we must get Brexit done because the public are losing faith” simply manifests how the political class want to avoid stark reality yet alone avoid a proper second reality referendum now belatedly far more facts are known, especially the ramifications of a No Deal.

Brexit (18930415)
Brexit (18930415)

There is more to democratic politics than obsessing over all Party Parliamentary shenanigans of blustering confused Prime Ministers and career politicians, many of whom are Remain at heart, but too reluctant to face their proportion of Leave voting constituents in order to retain their seats.

Nick Vinehill


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