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'We've been taken back to Victorian times by this government', Lynn News letters

By Lynn News Reporter

I stand by this assessment so we may not have any bare-footed children in rags selling matches in town or read reports of thousands dying of cholera or smallpox. But the problems of today are relevant and nearly as bad as in Victorian times.

People on low pay are having to get by with additional in-work benefits. I was watching BBC Parliament recently and children in poverty were being discussed.

This is the sixth biggest economy in the world. I don’t remember this being the case, although I’m not saying it wasn’t happening, when I was growing up in the 1960s.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has been highlighting childhood poverty since 2010 when the Conservative/Liberal Democrats came to power as a coalition government. Continued austerity, attacks on the disabled and unemployed and food banks are what we are ending up with. as a country we should be absolutely ashamed.

In the 1970s collective bargaining played a major part in pay increases with about 80 per cent of the country being under this agreement and now in 2019 it is down to under 20 per cent.

The excellent letters by WJ Blundell and Jo rust on homelessness show what a dire situation we have and the housing crisis goes back to the early 1970s when housing prices started rising and has not been addressed properly under Conservative and Labour administrations.

I hope we get a Corbyn-led government in the future as we should see a much fairer society and socialism but it may take two terms of office or a decade to right the wrongs this government has inflicted on the people of this country, although, of course, he will come under attack from the mainstream media, establishment and ruling class as he has been consistently since he came to be leader of the Labour party in 2015.

On the EU I voted to leave and that is how it must stay and no second referendum.

Paul Firmage


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