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Letter: Paul Firmage September 1, 2017


There was an excellent piece by Sarah Juggins on BBC pay and, a few weeks ago, on women in sport, which brings me on to a good letter by G Thos King abut capitalism.

He makes some very valid points that I agree with, except the last sentence, “The unacceptable face of capitalism is always in charge and we should accept the fact.” If we as a country, accept this attitude, we will always have this problem and it will get worse as the years roll on. If the likes of Chris Evans, who Sarah mentions in her article, were on half of what they are on at present, they would be very well paid. We have chief executives of councils, leaders of large corporations, directors, financiers of banks and building societies on obscene salaries when the people at the bottom of the pile have a job to get a small percentage pay rise. I am a part-time postman with only just over two years to go before retiring. I can we see are heading towards conflict with Royal Mail over the next few months if they try to get their own way, the issues are pay and pensions. In the last year Royal Mail group made £712 million in operating profit, saved £225 million in costs and shelled out £230 million in dividends to shareholders yet they are only offering a £250 lump sum this year and not a proper pay rise. Equally they are saying that future pay awards will be performance related and dependent on achieving above three per cent of unagreed efficiency savings year on year. Of course, a lot of this stems from privatisation, something that should never have been allowed to happen.The communication workers’ union is an excellent trade union and they will fight hard to stop Royal Mail imposing what they want to do.

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