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PM is a Remainer at heart, Lynn News letters

Should it be – King George III (1760-1820), who lost the American colonies, King Charles I (1625-1649), who lost his head, or King John (1199-1216), who lost his gold in The Wash, as well as his marbles? Each of them were practical tyrants for at least part of their reigns.

Today, the British Prime Minister holds the position aforetime held by our monarchs, and what a total mess Mrs May has made of it. She has sought to leave the partnership of the EU and instead turn us into its workhorse and cash cow.

Brexit (8376426)
Brexit (8376426)

This is a version of Remain, not a version of Brexit. She always was a Remainer and she should never have been put in charge of leaving as her heart was never in it. And indeed even the Remainers do not like her deal. As Nigel Farage has said, it is a surrender document. What a disgrace.Let us get rid of her and leave the EU without any compromising deal, and get the whole business over with.

Reverend Robert West


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