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Letter: Richard Merrison, July 28, 2017


The letter in Friday’s Lynn News, July 14, “More money is promised”, by name and address supplied, raised a number of points which are misleading.

Tories buying votes in parliament from Northern Ireland DUP MPs is good value for money? This was not in the Tory manifesto and only arose because their expected big majority did not materialise. Austerity continues and will to pay off Tory past borrowings which is not cutting national debt and more cuts will have to follow.

Tory spending is a matter of reality and fact, though buying votes to stay in power seems at odds with democracy and the people’s will. Corbyn’s possible spending is not a reality, at best a theory or intention since he is not in power nor able to spend his manifesto objectives. Underfunding has been the case for years in both the NHS and social welfare and there are no ways new things promised can be believed without taking money from existing areas. It is now the case that some basic treatments, such as cataract surgery are being restricted with growing waiting lists and that applications have to be made for special funding which was meant for extraordinary treatments, not basics. What became of Mrs May’s talk on dealing with mental health issues at the election? More cuts and finding of beds, if lucky, miles away from local areas. As for Brexit, no one knows much for certain and there were scare stories before the referendum. The rich has prospered during austerity and the divide between them and the poor has widened. We can borrow money for lavish foreign aid but we cannot switch domestic spendings from pet, vanity projects to something far more beneficial for the majority of people.

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