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If Hardings Way opens to all traffic, pollution will increase, Lynn News Letters

By Lynn News Reporter

Firstly the article “Enterprise Zone vision moves a Step Closer.” So, the council wants to increase problems we already have in our town of opening up Hardings Way to all types of polluting traffic.

Instead of increasing the enterprise zone, the council should look at increasing surgeries and improving education. Decreasing traffic will decrease pollution.

Why was Hardings Way changed to bus and bicycle only in 2014? It was to decrease nitrogen dioxide in the area. But now the council wants to open the road so it can build more houses.

Hardings Way, King's Lynn (5448697)
Hardings Way, King's Lynn (5448697)

It was Council Leader Brian Long, when he was Deputy Leader in 2014, who changed Hardings Way into a bus and bicycle only road.

He also knows how nitrogen dioxide affects health, when he was head of the council’s Environment Department.

The second article I’m replying to is about the Norfolk Police Commissioner not seeking reelection. This is wonderful news.

Does this mean we won’t be wasting money on a commissioner that we don’t need and costing the Police money from its budget can’t afford to waste?

Don’t we already have a Police chief doing this job, which he is getting paid to do?

We’ve had a Police Commissioner and there isn’t any change to policing. Crime is still the same in the Norfolk or getting higher.

If we are worrying about Police budget cuts, we should have got rid of the commissioner and his wages

Robert Raab

Fairstead Estate

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