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Letter: S Mackinder, Aug 29, 2017

Reader's letter
Reader's letter

I am grateful for Malcolm Cox’s latest forensic analysis of my random contributions to your excellent newspaper.

I don’t think I’ve had my outpourings so critically dissected since I finished ‘O’ Level English Language (Grade B unsurprisingly) but it’s good for me to recieve his perspective on what he thinks I, and all the other ‘lesser mortals’ who try to ape his measured and relentlessly po-faced contributions, should be saying and probably thinking. But it’s a free country! I think the big mistake that he makes is assuming that anything offered for the letters page is based upon a constant and detailed process centred around facts and clear thinking – believe me – it isn’t! I’m not to be found spending hours peering at my computer while carefully crafting and sense-checking my literal stream of consciousness and if my inconsistencies irk you, c’est la vie!

Cheer up, Malcolm, try not to take yourself so seriously and maybe stop referring to and filing all your correspondence in that afore-mentioned scrapbook of yours. All life exists in the Viewpoint pages, left and right, brickbats and bouquets, wheat and chaff, life’s too short to cling onto all the syntax errors and personal contradictions I may possibly have perpetrated.

And, by the way, when this “new boy on the block” needs your corrections, he’ll ask.

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