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Recycling is a complicated process, Lynn News letters

By Lynn News Reporter

The entire system is so complicated and convoluted that one would have to be an Einstein to determine just what is and what is not suitable for recycling and the temptation to sling everything into the general waste bag or wheelie bin is overwhelming.

Of course one can call the helpline and consult the websites of the borough and county, but when one is rushing to get the waste out before the witching hour of 7am that is rarely an option.

Then there are the inconsistencies. Tea bags, for example. I have always put them into the food waste, but now learn that they should go into general waste as they are lined with plastic.

A recycling facility.
A recycling facility.

Those handy trays in which food is sold, they seem to be composed of a bio-degradable material, but who knows? The brown paper food bags with transparent ‘windows’ – does one carefully extract the ‘window’ for general waste so that the paper portion can go into recycling? What about blister packs for medical tablets? Wine bottle caps? Cling film?

Here in West Norfolk we are told we can use any kind of bag to line the specialist food caddies – but not to use black or white plastic bags for recycling items. Confused?Can anyone be blamed for failing to realise the very same bags are OK for food but must go into general waste otherwise?

I suggest to Cllr Devereux, borough cabinet member for environment, that as a first move he initiates a pictorial website page which illustrates a comprehensive number of waste items and states precisely what they are and where they should go.

From the report I see that the borough is about to complete a partnership arrangement with Breckland and North Norfolk for waste disposal. In my experience there are wide differences between local authorities in what they will and will not take. I trust any such inconsistencies will be dealt with before the arrangement begins in 2021.

Sally Turff


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