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We voted for a hard Brexit in the referendum, Lynn News letters

That is what Corbyn of Labour, Swinson of the Liberal Democrats, Lucas of the Greens, Price of Plaid Cymru, Blackford of the SNP and the forces of hell are all doing with Brexit, supported by the devilishly corrupt Speaker John Bercow.

In 2016, Parliament called for a binding referendum, promising to deliver the people’s vote. But remainer MPs didn’t get the result they wanted, so for the past three years they have arrogantly refused to be bound by the result. They all have one goal, and that is to completely ignore the democratic referendum and stop Brexit altogether.

Look at the reckless damage that the remain parliament has already caused: Three years of surrender and pointless negotiation with the EU, that has achieved absolutely nothing; the scandal of Philip Hammond refusing to prepare Britain properly for a no deal Brexit; the scandalous damage that Project Fear has done to business confidence; the damaging uncertainty for British businesses by forcing the many delays to leaving; the scandalous continued payments to the EU of £1 billion per month so that we have had to pay another £6 billion unnecessarily to the EU because we did not leave in March as promised 108 times by Theresa May; worst of all, they have trashed our democracy, taking us for fools.

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