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Let Boris have his go, Lynn News letters

She plainly feels from wherever in the world she’s crafting her piece that this rash and excitable fellow isn’t real prime minister material and by dragging poor ‘deluded’ Sir Henry into her obviously lefty diatribe she pretty much nails her colours to the mast.

Naturally we all have opinions on various aspects to UK life even if we don’t reside here and I’m pleased to see people stick their heads above the parapet, but surely we ought to give the man a chance to change things don’t we?

To write him off so soon and so dismissively isn’t fair. Something needed to change because the steady reliable and utterly bloodless Teresa May failed to achieve anything.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

It looks for all the world like Sarah Juggins would like one J Corbyn to have a go at the helm but until Jezza manages to control the infighting and bickering in his own backyard, I’d suggest he’s not really PM material either. Let’s give Boris a chance, right or wrong he’s there by legitimate means.

Steve Mackinder


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