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Bloodsport shooting for fun – ‘I’d happily call down a plague’, Lynn News letters

He particularly addresses issues regarding wildlife and the monarchy’s love of killing animals for fun.

Blaming the townies who run the Labour Party for the decline in most of our native wildlife is no doubt appealing and naturally he also cites the activities of the shooting estates as being a saviour of Britain’s wildlife as it seems the planting of shooting strips and ‘vermin’ control is the reason we have such rich fauna in our countryside.

I’m not sure why I was dragged into his letter but as far as my own political position is concerned I shall retain my self respect and for the avoidance of doubt, Mr Fleming can be assured I will not be reviewing my political allegiances (left or right) and if I ever stand again, will remain independent until Hell freezes over.


I watch the pitiful shenanigans of the political parties as they jockey for control of us and I’m filled with utter disdain for their blinkered appetite for power at all costs.

And finally, as far as the bloodsport shooters are concerned, I care not whether they are royal or commoner. If they choose to kill living things for their fun or a ‘pastime’, as he quaintly puts it, I’d happily call down a plague on both their houses.

Steve Mackinder


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