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Letter: Steve Mackinder, August 4, 2017

Views of the Palace of Westminster - the Houses of Parliament.
Views of the Palace of Westminster - the Houses of Parliament.

In the Lynn News, July 21, a letter from ‘name and address supplied’ complains that most of the contributors to the page have a world view extracted from Tory supporting tabloids.

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather! Really? My take on the demographic of the people who take the time to write to the editor is that we are all entitled to an opinion, but I’d say the political section is invariably dominated by a ‘lefty triad’ who are happy to conduct their mini ‘class war’ through the pages of Viewpoint, week after week.

The writer goes on to complain about where their taxes end up. Mostly in the pockets of bankers, if I understand their message. If this is true and the only people not struggling on the breadline are a tiny rich minority, why are so many deranged and ill-informed people still persisting in voting for theTories who are apparently oppressing them?

We can all make our own minds up about who to vote for. I just wish these people would just mind their own business sometimes and give us ‘ordinary Joes’ a little bit of credit. I don’t need to read their patronising rants to help me decide who the heroes and villains are thanks!

And as for the banks being continually demonised I have to say that millions of us in this country would not have the pensions and easy lifestyles we enjoy without their efforts on our behalf. Life sucks unfortunately. Let’s just try and have a bit of balance in our thoughts and opinions.

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