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Letter: Steve Mackinder, July 11, 2017


As an avid reader of the letters page I’m becoming increasingly bored with the relentless misery and negativity generated by the lefty moaning minnies who must spend vast proportions of their waking lives conjuring up their offerings to the editor’s desk.

No party can hold its head up very high in this ghastly political system we’re lumbered with. Both sides will happily do anything to buy votes inside or outside Parliament so for Mr Larcey and Mr Firmage to habitually attack one party and laud another seems to me to simply express their blinkered view of society. Impotently writing letters to a rural newspaper may well make you feel like you’re contributing to your cause, but this particular contributor is most definitely turned off by this depressing outlook on life.

Getting stuff sorted will take more than forwarding dreary emails. You may need to actually get off your backsides and do something constructive as well.

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