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Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn, has dire car parking facilities

By Lynn News Reporter

Mid-morning on Tuesday I joined probably 60 other visitors/health workers/staff/patients driving round and round in a ‘circle of death’ as we vainly tried to secure a parking spot on site.

It was totally chocka and we all just scuttled up and down the rows round and round waiting for a vacancy to present itself.

Cars hovered by vehicles in bays with occupants in the hope that they were leaving. Thirty-five minutes of driving up and down and finally I found a gap.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Entrance to Accident and Emergency. (13227084)
Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Entrance to Accident and Emergency. (13227084)

The next obstacle is the ticket machines. Several remain out of order and standing in a queue watching the sick, frail, and elderly figure out their charging and card system made my blood boil.The frustration, the worry and the waste of time and fuel all seeman irrelevance to those who run this hospital and if many visitors aren’t already stressed by the fact that they are in the hospital environment they soon are once they’ve negotiated this hospital’s desperately inept parking system.

My guess is the big-wigs who run the show all have executive parking spots and that’s why they haven’t been forced to grasp this nettle and get to grips with the problem. This ongoing fiasco is not a new issue for the QE management butis fast becoming a reason to avoid the QE if you can.Anyone in the hospital’s ‘top office’ care to respond?

Steve Mackinder


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