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We all have a responsibility to tackle obesity, Lynn News Letters

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Apparently all the fat kids in our pudgy and overweight populace are in their current state because of our Conservative government and their neo-liberal capitalist bed fellows.

At least he’s true to form and trots out a handful of spurious anecdotes to prove his point. The thing I can’t understand, Mike, is this – if these horrid money-grubbing toffs are really doing all they can to keep us oiks cold and poor and unhealthy, why in the name of God do many continue to vote for them and return their oppressors to power?

Obesity (2754823)
Obesity (2754823)

Blaming children’s obesity on Tories is simplistic twaddle. Ultimately we all have a responsibility to ourselves and our children and if we haven’t the wit or the intelligence to do that I hardly think we can blame any one of several delusional and aloof political parties who will do or promise anything to get your vote.

Get real Mike ...obesity isn’t about them. It’s about us.

Steve Mackinder


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