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UK still broke until national debt repaid

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I think possibly G.Thos.King has mistaken my comments regarding the financial disarray of this country. If I understand him correctly we are not broke, but simply being conned by a financial scam of immense proportions perpetrated by the growing army of millionaires and tax fiddlers who are taking it from us while we scrape a living. G. Thos could be right and the reality is that we as a nation are enjoying a boom like no other and these venal millionaires are keeping all the money from us.

Cash (1936013)
Cash (1936013)

Again, we only have the Government’s fiddled figures but as far as I’m aware we, as a nation, are up to our necks in debt to the tune of around £1.6 trillion which is costing us a cool £45 billion per annum to simply service the debt.

When you find yourself borrowing money to repay the interest on the money you borrowed previously I’d suggest there is no other word for that predicament but ‘broke’.

Castigating a handful of millionaires for being wealthier than you may make you feel better but I’d suggest if you made them hand it all back tomorrow we’d still be stuffed.

It matters not whether you support Tory or Labour, both sides have equally got us into this mess, and however much you choose to believe either the capitalists or the socialists have the financial solution, I believe the evidence indicates the commercial banking people who run the markets are esentially making monkeys of us all.

Once we’ve paid off our debts you can come back and tell me we aren’t really broke, but not before!

Steve Mackinder


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