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People voted last time on Brexit, Lynn News letters

By Lynn News Reporter

My memory isn’t what it was but I have this crazy recollection that it was ‘The People’ who voted last time, because if it wasn’t them I really can’t imagine who was doing the voting.

Rob Colwell and his Norfolk for Europe group cling grimly to the hope that something will change and he’ll get his way in the end but I’m guessing he’ll be very disappointed.

Brexit (5295006)
Brexit (5295006)

In my ill-founded and poorly researched attempts to get to the bottom of this resistance to leaving the EU I’ve only found one common factor from all the people I’ve talked to and that is that the Bremainers are invariably from the upper echelons of society with businesses or assets they are desperately imagining are under threat. Their campaign is couched in open-hearted global language but I reckon it’s their own pockets they’re trying to protect.

Steve Mackinder


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