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We'll be in control again next April, Lynn News Letters

By Lynn News Reporter

Over 40 years ago I took my motorbike into Europe with a group of friends before we joined the Common Market and to be frank the process was identical to the immigration entry details required by border control at Dover and Calais this year.

I still ordered my foreign currency from the bank. I still needed to show my passport. I still needed to pass through ranks of customs officers. I still drove on the other side of the road and I still had a great time. Nothing will change after the 29th and I have no doubts about that.

Brexit (4528866)
Brexit (4528866)

As a nation we refused to join the euro and we refused to accept the Schengen rules which always sent a massive signal to Brussels that our hearts weren't in the project. Now we're in a position to leave and, as we regard ourselves as a bastion of democracy, we are duty bound to defer to the will of the masses.

On the first of April 2019 the sun will rise and the wind will blow and however much the beaters bleat and the moaners moan this country will once again take control of its destiny, despite the timorous trepidations of the likes of Sarah Huggins.

Steve Mackinder


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