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Concerned over MP's ambition to be next speaker in Commons, Lynn News letters

He feels what is needed next is someone who could be a “good referee or a really good umpire”.

The thought that this MP has the idea that all that is needed to hold the speaker’s chair is a decent attitude and a sense of ‘fair play’ fills me with more dread than the thought that Bercow would stay on.

Henry exudes the air of the ruling classes and an old-school belief in ‘values’ and he’d slip into that role like hot knife through butter and that’s the last thing we need if we are to see the end of this ridiculous party-politics charade called parliamentary democracy.

Sir Henry Bellingham MP
Sir Henry Bellingham MP

I suppose he imagines his 30 years as an MP and a junior foreign minister allows him certain privileges in the ranks of MPs and maybe the Buggins’ Turn principle might generate him a bit more leverage. Who knows? Nothing surprises me any more.

I just know that the balmy ameliorating effect of a Bellingham in the speaker’s chair would do nothing to break down the silly club atmosphere and public school ‘tuck shop’ badinage that purports to represent serious debate and we’d simply see the comfy status quo maintained.

Steve Mackinder


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