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Gas burner presents potential for increase in pollution, Lynn News letters

By Lynn News Reporter

Norfolk has less than 860,000 people, so this is why it was pushed through, by this very desperate Government, as they are short of power stations, nationally.

However, did anyone consider the air pollution locally, for Lynn, with a temperature inversion, owing to its 100 square miles of The Wash estuary and substantial River Great Ouse?

The cold air can suppress normal air pollution dispersal, particularly that used on desktop computer modelling, as used in this proposal.


This can increase air pollution ten fold and, whilst gas is cleaner than a waste burner incinerator, per MW, the overall pollution, with fifty times the output, will surely be higher?

An authoritative study on temperature inversion was done in the Czech Republic, showing this air pollution tenfold increase, which must have been known by the applicant whose EPH parent company runs power stations all over the Czech Republic

Stuart Wilkie


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