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Letter: Sue Bruce, July 28,2017

GV Photo of Greenpark Avenue, North Lynn 'Leading to Lynnsport from Columbia Way
GV Photo of Greenpark Avenue, North Lynn 'Leading to Lynnsport from Columbia Way

Considering all the money spent on Lynnsport development I fail to understand why two areas of safety are not being adopted despite this being raised several times with both the borough council and Norfolk County Council.

The Spencer Road crossing is continuing to be hazardous for cyclists with drivers driving straight across it and not looking left or right. Cyclists, mainly schoolchildren, cycle straight across as they should be able to, despite the warning signs, in the knowledge that they have the right of way.

The position of this crossing so close the roundabout adds to the confusion because many drivers believe the give way signs are for the roundabout, not the cycle crossing. Halt or stop signs to drivers on Spencer Road have been refused by Norfolk County Council.

This crossing is not fit for purpose, it’s an accident waiting to happen. Two more such crossing are planned for access to the new developments.

The children’s play area is now very close to the new car park.

Railings would ensure the safety of young children at play and keep dog fouling out of the area. It is not unusual for play areas to be fenced off as is the case at the Walks. Come on councillors, stop passing the buck and take responsibility and action before someone gets hurt.

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