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Letter: Sue Hillier, August 15, 2017

What is it these days with stupidity and ignorance and their reverence in the media?

We have the ill-informed and frequently bigoted views of the likes of The Sun and The Daily Mail and their provocative ‘journalists’ and I use the term very loosely, for if you include the spite-ridden Katie Hopkins and describe her as an educated journalist, then we are all doomed!

Yet, they get away with it. Not only in print but in recent years we have the likes of Jeremy Kyle, Geordie Shore, TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and their vacuous participants whose only claim to ‘fame’ is Daddy’s money and Love Island with the muscle bound hulks of limited IQ and their over processed spouses with their faces full of plastic, collagen and lip fillers!

Celebrity Big Brother? Where are the celebrities? Oh and the best one yet, ‘self-taught’. So what?

That seems to be the buzz phrase at the moment.

‘I’m a self taught chef’. Who cares? It really means I couldn’t be bothered to get a formal chef’s qualification so I’ll wing it by cooking rubbish and covering it in jus or use the term ‘sous vide’ ( French for under cooked and over priced).

The only exception – Raymond Blanc – whilst being self taught, at least had the decency to get formally-trained and get a few Michelin stars!

Who else would get away with ‘self taught’? A pilot, a surgeon etc? The outcome could be equally as frightening if you think about it.

Let’s get away from stupidity. No more Jade Goody’s or Joey Essex’s. What’s wrong with being clever?

Stop this entitlement to go to university. In days of old, university places were for the educated not the masses. Every college now seems to have ‘university status’. Stop it. They don’t.

Make learning mean something.

Stop the slide to complacency and naivety. Don’t make programmes about it or make stars of the participants.

We’re actually laughing at you, not with you and that’s wrong. You make us feel smug and superior because you cannot grasp the realities of life. Yes. you’re making a fortune but at what expense?

No more stupidity please. East Anglia is not a foreign country and as for poor Joey and I quote: ‘He asked his fellow contestants who the prime minister of Essex was and caused controversy when he revealed that he didn’t know how to blow his nose.’

‘ Self taught chef’? Oxymoron. A chef is qualified. ‘Self taught’? You’re a cook. Sorry, round here should be ‘your’ shouldn’t it?

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