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Sedgeford is the unacknowledged hot spot in heat wave, Lynn News letters

‘Twas a micro-thesis!

I fully understand and respect the point Mr Robins made, but it does rather beg the question as to how far one should take calibrated evidence as the be all and end all.

The Botanical Garden Facebook page showed a photo of the temperature graph within their calibrated/screened/filtered measuring device, peaking at 2.15pm and then declining to the 34C by 4pm and yet my domestic device, lowly and uncalibrated as it is, was able to record a temperature of 39C at 5.50pm.

Thermometer in Sedgeford
Thermometer in Sedgeford

Whilst it may not have been under controlled conditions for scientific purposes, I doubt it was so far out that it wasn’t registering a proper and likely and uncontrolled ‘outside’ temperature of the moment and leaves one wondering just what the (un)controlled temperature might have been earlier in the day, here in this fair corner of West Norfolk. One doesn’t need highfalutin calibrated gubbins to tell you it was pretty damn hot, what!

In this instance my oh-so-lowly device had been removed from the conservatory and left to bask in the warm air for a few hours to settle.

It sat upon a bench betwixt house, barn and bay tree with the sun peeping over into the coolest part of the garden which is quite the wind-tunnel in the lightest of breezes and yet still achieving the aforementioned temperature at a time when the day was cooling.

Well, as far as I’m concerned Sedgeford is the unacknowledged hot spot since unofficial records began – to date. I rest my case m’lud !

Tim Snelling


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