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Letter: Vernon Moyse, July 21, 2017

Congestion on roads around Lynn.
Congestion on roads around Lynn.

When I saw the Lynn News headline, “The rush hour is getting slower”, July 14, I was stuck in traffic and crawling back home.

I thought that your article about rail services must be about road traffic. My journey from Hardwick to South Wootton was certainly accomplished at a snail’s pace. My car and those around me were consuming fuel and producing sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide fumes at prodigious levels. I conclude that the borough council and the Norfolk County Council are complicit in worsening the effects of global warming and pollution. How? By allowing overdevelopment of housing estates without proper augmentation and dualling of roads. Shortly, they will add upwards of 650 homes at Knights Hill, ensuring total gridlock on the Grimston road access into town. The monitoring of pollution pays lip service to the problem and there are attempts to shift the blame onto our vehicles. In my view, both councils are morally culpable and we will suffer the consequence of their inaction. As on the national scale, democracy does not work and a radical change is necessary. In the meantime, concerned parents should check increasing pollution levels around schools and homes and take the councils to task.

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