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New Prime Minister – expect more of the same, Lynn News letters

When she became prime minister, on the steps of Downing Street, she spoke of the "burning injustices" within Britain which she is going to tackle now. She mentioned a whole list of things and did not achieve one.

One of them was mental health and stated there is is not enough help out there. Of course not, when you keep cutting budgets.

Just look at the NHS, social care, education, housing, police, army, firefighters, prison officers and Sure Start children's centres. All are at breaking point after nine years of savage cuts.

Prime minister Theresa May respond's to the MP's question (14163381)
Prime minister Theresa May respond's to the MP's question (14163381)

Now Mrs May, as a parting gift, has said she is going to give public sector workers two-and-a-half per cent pay rise. How insulting. For the past six years they have either been given no rise at all, or one per cent. They will never catch up.

Public sector workers are amongst the most important people in the country, plus these rises are not going to be paid for by new government money but out of existing budgets which have been cut to the bone, so to pay the rises, more cuts have to be made.

The strange thing about all this is the government keeps telling us there is no money for the NHS and all our emergency services. Yet there is untold billions for the HS2, which this government is obsessed with. It's a pure vanity project and is doomed.It will be a nightmare for many thousands of people and many parts of the country will be devastated. There really needs to be a public inquiry into this.

Theresa May has been a failure, but that said, I don't expect any better from her replacement. Unless policies are changed, it's more of the same, I'm afraid.

W J Blundell


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