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Youths are causing grief at Leziate Country Park, Lynn News Letters

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A large group of youths recently verbally abused a lone female swimmer gawping at her as she changed, taking a video of her and threatening to damage her car.

There was no damage to her car, but she was shaken badly by the abuse and threatening behaviour of these yobs who were trespassing and had no right to be there.

GV picture of the Former Leziate Lake View Park Entrance. (2855344)
GV picture of the Former Leziate Lake View Park Entrance. (2855344)

Like all users of the facility these youths need to apply for permission and go through the proper channels by contacting the organiser by emailing leziatelake@btinternet.com

The Police have been called to several incidents at the lake but have not had any effect whatsoever.

Do their parents know what these youths are up to when they leave home? Do they know how much damage and grief they are causing?

Do they know how much danger they are putting themselves in?

How do we police this sort of behaviour when faced with up to 15 abusive youths?

Warren Jones


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