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Letters about King’s Lynn’s new hospital, West Norfolk Conservatives, a new bus route, the farm plan affecting Feltwell and Methwold residents, and Halloween

Here are the letters from the Friday, October 27 edition of the Lynn News...

We are faced with a burning deck over our new hospital

I read both the letter from Cllr Tom Ryves and the follow-up from regular writer, Steve Mackinder: both of which were focussed on the plan to build a new Queen Elizabeth Hospital on the current Lynn site, rather than a new one, possibly off the Hardwick Roundabout.

Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The sad truth is, that we are facing a burning deck. By 2030 we will not be able to use our current building and absolutely must have a new, fully functional building up and running by then.

The reason for this farce is due to Government refusal to okay new builds earlier on in the process.

Safety isn’t high on the agenda for this Government. Remembering Rishi Sunak’s refusal to repair the crumbling RAAC schools when Chancellor it’s clear that the public service buildings that we need aren’t a high priority for them.

Hence now being up against the wire to get a new QEH by 2030.

Those of us who attended the public engagement meetings held by the hospital exec might recall being told that the new multi-storey car parks had to have both phases completed by January 2025 in order for the current car park footprint to be set to have building work started by January 2026.

Well even that’s looking less likely now, with there being no funding released as yet to start the car park building work. This is a dereliction of duty by the government and despite the protestations by James Wild that new methods of construction will mean the hospital will go up quickly, there are still very technical and complicated works which will need time to ensure that it works as we need.

This isn’t a basic portable cabin, or even McDonalds, it’s a hospital which needs fitting out appropriately.

Even the design of the Hospital 2.0 hasn’t been determined yet.

So, while in an ideal world a new site for our new build might make perfect sense, we’re not in an ideal world, we’re 13 years into a Tory regime which has delayed, cut back or cancelled much-needed infrastructure projects and still wants to blame the last Labour government. On one slightly more positive note, our coastal villages have high numbers of elderly people, at least those ambulances which are transporting them for possibly life-saving treatment aren’t faced with having another gridlocked by-pass to try to get down, thus making emergency journey times quicker.

Jo Rust


Time for change with West Norfolk Conservatives

As the Independent Partnership methodically establishes itself as a credible West Norfolk Council administration we have an anomaly between a cabinet which has shown it learns well under the laissez-faire leadership of Cllr Parish, that well-known thespian, and Cllr Moriarty, to whom no rule is unknown, and the Conservative opposition currently led by ex-leader Cllr Stuart Dark with an ambivalent Labour group who enjoy a foot in each camp.

Only with Labour can Cllr Dark’s motions to council proceed, and only with Labour support can the Independent Partnership thrive.

But the truth is that as ever an opposition under an ex-Leader is not effective.

West Norfolk needs more than the petty politics of ill-considered opposition.

It is time for the Conservatives, many of whom are fresh faces and proving themselves most competent, to ask themselves whether Cllr Dark is the man of the moment or whether his star is showing visible signs of waning after yet another council meeting where he failed to make any impact...

A number of Conservative councillors can be heard whispering: “It’s time for a change."

Cllr Alun Ryves

via email

We must use this or we must face losing it

In response to Andy Tyler’s comments on the new 3H bus service in last week’s Lynn News That’s Entertainment column.

This bus service was set up to link the planned GP practice at the Nar Valley estate with the almost completed St James GP practice at Wootton.

En route it will have bus stops on Vancouver Avenue, Tennyson Avenue and Tennyson Road - and this service has never happened before.

It stops 100 yards from the NHS clinics in Extons Road and the football club.

You can go to the bus station and get a bus to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and return the reverse way.

Using the 3H saves car use, cuts down pollution and saves car parking fees

What’s not to like about this?

Use it or lose it!

E B Williamson

via email

Villagers would suffer with this farm

Unless you've lived in the vicinity of intensive animal farming units you simply cannot have any idea just how bad the smells and flies can be. Having lived nearby in a village for many years where such a unit existed I can assure David Fleming that the people living in the area were constantly plagued by huge infestations of flies which could completely blacken one of those sticky yellow 'dangly' fly traps in two days in the summer.

The stink could be eye-watering. Does Mr Fleming mock the 'puerile' people around the Feltwell and Methwold area for objecting (to a large pig and chicken farm there) just to be contrary or does he really have any idea what he's mithering on about?

I'm pretty sure Mr Fleming has had no experience of problems the locals will face but I can assure him our evil fly problem totally evaporated after our complaints resulted in closure of this intensive pig unit and I also bet that if this ghastly intensive farming horror gets built, they'll find the local sales of fly sprays and sticky fly traps will rocket. Nobody should be under any illusions... if this project goes ahead the locals will suffer and while Mr Fleming believes 'free enterprise' must prevail I'd bet he'd be the first in the queue to whine about the flies and stink if a 'free enterprise' business decided the old Bexwell airfield at Downham might be a great site for an intensive pig and poultry unit.

Steve Mackinder


Origins of this festival are with Occult

I have been called a killjoy in my peer group in what they describe as a minority opinion on a key date in the calendar. It leads me to refer to last Friday’s Lynn News article under the heading 'Hallowe'en Spooktacular'.

Pensthorpe has organised a range of activities surrounding the festival, but is it innocuous fun?

The organisers have presented Halloween as a veneer, ostensibly showing an appearance of harmless fun, particularly to our impressionable children, with games such as trick or treat, which in some circles has been intimidating, if not carefully monitored by negligent parents.

It continues the spirit of the past, representing by mischief a breakdown of normal behaviour.

Its origins are an ancient Celtic practice called Samhain, a major date in the Pagan calendar, marking the Feast of the Dead.

It was feared by some as dabbling with 'evil spirits', but now is celebrated as cultural, often without knowledge of what Halloween truthfully represents.

Today witches and supernatural creatures are being portrayed as mystical frolics, which they are not.

Halloween is associated with the occult embracing Satanism, witchcraft, drugs, alcoholism and many other manifestations. This is hardly conducive to the healthy development of our children.

David Fleming


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