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Letters: Edward Wheatley, July 4, 2017


As the first anniversary of the referendum to take us out of the EU goes by, what has happened? Nothing! A year completely wasted on waffle about the difficulty of the negotiations.

But what’s to negotiate? All we had to do was to say au revoir… auf wiedersehen, do widzenia, adios etc.

Of course, obfuscation was ever the politicians’ stock in trade whether they be the unelected bureaucrats of the EU or our own almost unelected Government sustained by the running dogs of the media eating from the same trough of putrid deceit designed to disguise their treachery.

How the Remainers must be sniggering over cups of tea at the tables of New Labour’s meeting rooms and over glasses of crystal in oak-panelled city boardrooms.

Meanwhile, in this one year alone, our population has grown by over half a million – a city the size of Sheffield.

Under the strain of this invasion even more of our jobs, homes, school places and hospital appointments go to foreigners and their families while our once green and pleasant land gets covered with houses too small for cupboards and too expensive for local people.

I am appalled at my own naivety in actually believing politicians could act honestly.

But as they say, there’s no fool like an old fool!

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