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Letters: Iain Christie, June 16, 2017

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So now we know where we stand, without knowing where we stand. A conundrum for our times.

Here is another conundrum, and one that may trouble us as time goes on if trade deals to our advantage prove more difficult to secure than we expected.

The conundrum is one that calls us to define patriotism, so relevant is that concept to our present situation. Those of us thought to be wholly patriotic will probably have voted to leave the EU, and for a Conservative Government. Those who have hitherto been considered to be unpatriotic are likely to wish to remain in the EU, and voted for any party other than the Conservatives.

The conundrum starts here. In general, the “patriots” in this scenario voted neither to leave the EU in the referendum for reasons explained by the Government, nor to guarantee future national prosperity in the election again for reasons given by any party because no voter, on either side of the divide were told or could possibly know. The main reason must have been something else, and the evidence points to it being their belief that foreigners may be responsible for holding back the progress that we would make without their interference. So their position is to gamble with the future prosperity of the country so as to ensure less or no foreign interference. The remainers in the referendum and “progressive” voters in the election, on the other hand, voted entirely with the country’s future prosperity or otherwise as their prime consideration.

The conundrum is, in any vote cast to decide a nation’s policy direction or future, is patriotism patriotic?

I suspect we shall know the answer in two to three years’ time.

I Christie, Silver Drive, Dersingham

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