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Letters: Nick Vinehill, June 16, 2017

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Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

The remarkable aspect about why many Tories old and young are now attacking the current embattled Tory Prime Minister Theresa May for conducting a poor election campaign three years early is they never realised it was not supposed to be a democratic campaign.

It was solely a politically motivated tactic to smash the Labour Party out of sight and to obtain a massive majority that would obscure temporarily the real economic problems of Brexit. The fact this tactic clearly backfired and has now resulted in a small Tory majority propped up by some dubious loyalist party like the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland wholly manifests the state of Tory ideology today which has nothing to do with the type of personality who leads it.

However the most significant factor from the election result is that many pro-Brexiteers unwittingly voted for many ‘not so much leave’ or outwardly pro-remain candidates and this factor alone makes a complete mockery of the so-called viability of the simplistic binary leave or remain choice question on the ballot paper that never tested anyone of their true understanding of the EU yet alone why the UK went in it in the first place.

Politics isn’t about single issues and Brexit on its own is not a single issue.

All the election result has proved is that 13 million voters did not regard Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as the type of Marxist terrorist sympathiser and security risk he was conveyed as being by sections of the gutter press and it therefore puts the whole Brexit negotiations now into a different light.

It should be the elected parliament who decides whether the UK should remain in the EU, not some non-binding referendum run solely to make voters feel empowered and feel good!

Nick Vinehill, Snettisham

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