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Letters: Paul Firmage, June 30, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn in Newark.
Jeremy Corbyn in Newark.

I complained to the Daily Mail the day before the election day about their banner headline regarding Jeremy Corbyn and terrorism and ended up having a long chat with the person who took my call.

I feel I have to defend Jeremy Corbyn from the attack by Jeremy Dearling who cannot even bring himself to mention Corbyn in his letter of June 13. Jeremy Corbyn started talking to the IRA in the mid to late 1980s, John Major came along and started the Northern Ireland peace process followed by Tony Blair when he became prime minister in 1997. Jeremy Corbyn has been involved in the Stop the War coalition since its inception in 2001 and has always advocated peace. The recent atrocities in London and Manchester were terrible but if you put yourselves in the shoes of civilians in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan, we as a nation cannot really be surprised. How would we like to live in a war-torn country?

For all the good work of Tony Blair on the Northern Ireland peace process, it was all undone by going to war in Iraq and other conflicts have come about because of this. The government sells arms to Saudi Arabia who then supply Isis. You only have to look at what they have done to the much smaller country of Yemen. Jeremy Corbyn has been proved correct on our foreign policies on several occasions, a man of honesty and integrity, who if given the chance could be one of the best prime ministers this country has ever had.

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