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Liz Truss' pledges include rail improvements and school funding as election campaign launched in Swaffham

Liz Truss has promised fibre broadband for every house and improved transport connections as her election campaign was launched in Swaffham last week.

Her campaign was launched in the Swaffham Market Place on Friday ahead of the general election on December 12.

The Conservative MP is seeking to retain her seat in the South West Norfolk constituency, and described her Party as "opportunists".

Liz Truss is hoping to retain her South West Norfolk seat in the December general election
Liz Truss is hoping to retain her South West Norfolk seat in the December general election

Amongst her election pledges were a minimum of £5,000 for secondary schools and a minimum of £4,000 for primary schools.

She said: "One of Boris Johnson's commitments is to level up the county infrastructure in places like Norfolk with funding going into schools and hospitals."

Ms Truss stated a desire for 10-carriage trains from Lynn to Ely as well as upgrading the Ely North junction.

The junction is pivotal to any major improvements to rail services across East Anglia including increased services between Lynn and London and Norwich to Cambridge.

Liz Truss launches her election campaign in Swaffham Market Place
Liz Truss launches her election campaign in Swaffham Market Place

The Secretary of State for International Trade also stressed the importance of delivering Brexit in order to focus on the domestic agenda.

She said: "People are fed up with nothing happening and people being divided. We need to get a Conservative majority so we can get Brexit done.

"If people vote for the Brexit Party, that is holding back the Prime Minister. We are serious about leaving and Nigel Farage has not delivered a Brexit strategy."

Other domestic pledges included high-speed internet access and fibre broadband to every house by 2025, as well as more charging points for electric cars and NHS funding.

"The future is very positive," Ms Truss continued. "There was an increase in numbers on the housing register last year, and we are investing more into technology services.

"There are a lot of tech companies in South West Norfolk. People trust British brands for their very high quality.

"My message to people is that we are a Party of opportunists, prepared to provide better public services and enabling businesses to succeed. Labour opposes businesses as the enemy."

She also claimed the Conservatives have "turned the corner" with regards to austerity measures, and are now "fixing" public finances, transport and schools.

Residents in Swaffham were divided on which Party they stand for when asked by the Lynn News on Friday as Ms Truss campaigned in the town.

One said: "It's a complete mess. Brexit has been going on for so long. One Party is too left-wing and the other is too right-wing."

They added they would vote for the Liberal Democrats.

Another said: "I do not like any of them. What they have done in parliament is like spoilt children. To put us in the state we are in now is disgraceful."

Three people told the Lynn News they would vote Conservative due to the alternative being "far worse".

Another said they would not vote for Ms Truss as her "policies were thin."

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