LooK at this! Holger’s idea to boost resort’s tourism

Holger Levey MLNF15EB05315 ANL-150520-104533001
Holger Levey MLNF15EB05315 ANL-150520-104533001
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A new service in Hunstanton, the “Ask me” Ambassador Scheme, is the brainchild of Holger Levey, from the Sunset Inn, in Northgate.

Having seen a similar scheme in Derby that encouraged people to explore the less well-known parts of the city, and with the backing of Hunstanton’s Chamber of Trade, he has been out and about over the past two weekends talking to visitors and trialling the scheme wearing the 
distinctive Ask Me vest and carrying a cheerful Sunny Hunny brolly.

He said: “Visitors have been asking me lots of questions about where the shops are and what is going on; and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Now we are looking for volunteers with local knowledge to join the scheme, initially just for a few hours at weekends, and then for any day during the high season to patrol around the town and promenade area.

“They will help to help answer questions as to where things are, and also let people know that there is also a High Street and other areas in 
Hunstanton that are worth a look.”

Encouraging youngsters to explore the town as well as the beach, Holger has also been handing out free LooK sunglasses that have proved extremely popular with visiting children.

Mr Levey has bibs in three sizes available for volunteers and some LooK glasses for children and anyone 
interested in volunteering can contact him at the 
Sunset Inn, 24 Northgate or call 01485 298087.