Look for support when starting up and join in Chamber’s Lite Nite networking events in King’s Lynn

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Caroline Williams ENGANL00120131017110042
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Starting your own business is exciting. But, and without trying to dampen any enthusiasm, it can be daunting. Taking control of your own destiny means, suddenly, you’re an employer. Even of just you.

There are all sorts of issues, including financial, taxation, exporting and employment on which you’ll need advice, and frankly they’re not as available from the traditional sources as they once were.

Nonetheless, West Norfolk is a hot bed for start ups, with businesses of all sizes and across all the sectors, taking the leap every day. And they all need guidance.

As someone once said: “If you want to get somewhere it’s good to talk to someone who’s been.” There’s a wealth of experience, knowledge and advice out there from people who have already done it. Engaging with them is a vital part of running a fledgling business.

Networking events, workshops, trade shows, business debates and forums are all vital opportunities to learn, connect and gather knowledge. And meet potential customers.

The Norfolk Chamber of Commerce membership is flourishing because both new and established businesses see our services, and opportunities to meet, as essential support.

There is, of course, the internet. There are countless online resources you can tap into. But, will they ever beat the face to face contact with real people? Not really. They’ll complement it, and give you some valuable insights, but they won’t cancel out the need for close to home support and direction when you need it most. At the start.

In fact, going to local groups and meetings is a very inexpensive form of market research, which could prove useful even before you launch. For example the Chamber is running free Lite Night networking events at the Bank House Hotel, Kings Lynn open to non-members too. Start up companies are very welcome. Checkout out the Chamber website www.norfolkchamber.co.uk for details

When you do start up, use the resources that are out there. Because starting up is exciting, but it’s so much safer with support from professionals and other like-minded businesses.