Lorry movements are chief worry of Sedgeford poultry farm objectors

Sedgeford traffic damage.
Sedgeford traffic damage.

Objections to a planned large-scale poultry farm in Sedgeford are focusing on fears of increased lorry movements on roads, say campaigners

Some 500 objections have been lodged over the plans for Docking Road in Sedgeford, with nearly all the recent ones mentioning HGV traffic.

Campaigners against the plant believe a big increase in traffic movements along the B1454 could lead to an increase in accidents on a speed-derestricted road.

They also fear it would have an impact on local residents in terms of additional noise, vibration and health implications, though the developers have rejected those concerns.

The proposed poultry unit in Sedgeford would house up to 180,000 birds per cycle (over a million birds per year).

The subsequent increase of hundreds of extra HGVs carrying live and dead birds on the local narrow country lanes, passing close to schools in the conservation villages of Docking and Sedgeford, is causing local residents concern.

In addition there would be extra traffic to supply feed for the chickens and fuel for the bio-mass boiler as well as removing a considerable amount of chicken litter.

Objectors claim a full Transport Statement should be part of the planning application for a development of this scale as per Government guidance.

A spokeswoman for the No to Poultry Factory Action Group said: “The operation of the proposed development will generate busy periods, an unknown number of which will be at night, particularly when the chickens and chicken litter are removed from the site, when the traffic movements will be greatly increased.”

So far objections have already been submitted by the parish councils of Sedgeford, Docking, Fring, Heacham, Hunstanton, Snettisham and Thornham.

As well as road safety, the potential effect on the local economy and tourism, odour, noise, dust, light and water pollution have been raised in these objections.