Lynn Bishop moves like Jagger to aid Bangladesh

The Rocking Bishop of Lynn  Johanthan Meyrick Performs. Music on the field Thornham.
The Rocking Bishop of Lynn Johanthan Meyrick Performs. Music on the field Thornham.

The Rt Rev Jonathan is this time filmed on YouTube singing a version of Paint It Black, by the Rolling Stones, that he has written himself, entitled Paint It Green, to raise money for Christian Aid Week.

This year, Christian Aid are seeking to raise money for those affected by flooding in Bangladesh.

Many people are facing devastation to their homes and lives along the rivers in Bangladesh as the snow from the Himalaya’s melts. He has been filmed singing it by a younger Christian Aid supporter at St Faith’s in Lynn.

Bishop Jonathan said: “The situation for people living on the rivers in Bangladesh is shocking. I wrote the words to this song as a reflection on the plight of people facing terrible conditions which could lead to despair but with love and the work of Christian Aid there is hope. This Christian Aid week I hope people will respond generously.”

The bishop, aged 54, is no stranger to the mic. He once appeared on ITV’s Stars In Their Eyes dressed as Reg Presley out of the Troggs and sang Wild Thing. He has previously recorded a charity CD for the Norfolk Hospice, featuring music by the Rolling Stones among others.

His rewritten words to the song, originally penned by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, say: “I see a black flood and I want to turn it green. i see a hourse torn lose and the voices keen. I All we had was lost and gone and tumbled out of sight. All our hopes and all our dreams lost in black of night.”

Every year people in Kings Lynn raise money for Christian Aid in May. In Norfolk last year £130,000 was raised to make a difference to some of the poorest communities in the 40 countries where Christian Aid works. The money is raised through collections, fundraising breakfasts, fashion shows, concerts, soup lunches and curry nights to name but a few.

If you would like to find out more or contribute to Christian Aid Week you can visit their website