Lynn film-maker’s latest venture

Zey the Mouse: The fashion show scene in The Prize Hat
Zey the Mouse: The fashion show scene in The Prize Hat
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Lynn film-maker Ian Harding has a brand new episode of his popular “Zey the Mouse” now online at YouTube.

It’s called The Prize Hat and the animation took him six months to make.

The Zey films, which have been viewed in dozens of countries, have a big fan club online and this latest episode is likely to be another smash hit.

Ian said: “It has had nice comments so far by the public and it’s followers, which is pleasing.

“I’m currently working on the next episode, which is a summer theme, and will be ready for late summertime.”

Joining Ian for the voices in The Prize Hat were Beth Caine, Tracey Diplock, his sister Frances Harding, Ross Patterson and Jonathan Smith, and this episode was written by Jonathan.

The film starts with Mr and Mrs Frog having breakfast at Chestnut Hall and Mrs Frog talks about a fashion show being held there.

All the schools in the area are making a hat for the competition!

Mrs Frog, the art teacher at Mile Valley Middle School breaks the news to Zey, Dylan, Bella, Clara and Peter. It doesn’t quite go smoothly as Zey gets a bump on the head (Clara’s doing) and Dylan is late and causes some mishaps. But all the children end up working together to make a hat for the show.

As previously reported in the Lynn News, Ian started his film-making career in 2010, when he made a film in honour of his favourite children’s TV show, No. 73, which was broadcasted live on ITV starring Neil Buchanan and Sandi Toksvig.

The animator became an internet sensation, watched in over 84 different countries, after he transformed his Lynn flat into a set and began filming.

He added: “The idea for the character of Zey the Mouse came from a teddy I used to have. He’s a 12-year-old mouse who is usually the sensible one trying to keep the other characters from being mischievous.”

You can watch Zey’s latest adventures in “The Prize Hat” at